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Asset Creation, Rewards for Founding Members, & Non-profit Formation 

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web3-network-for-women-Gold website design copy 3 (2)-min.png

PHASE 1:  Networking & Mastermind Groups Launch

JUNE 2022 - Officially open & launch The Calibration Room to the first 111 people only!

**The first 111 members will have a one-time fee for LIFETIME ACCESS!

Completed investments:

  • Legal counsel

  • TM registration submissions

  • DEIJ counsel (I don’t take the honor of creating and holding space for others lightly! Safety, DEI and a sense of belonging are my priorities.) This is an ongoing investment!!

JULY - SEPT 2022 - Phase 1 community space will open


1. An NFT will be dropped to all members

2. Voting will immediately take place:


  • Where our phase 2 community will be hosted

  • Meeting times/dates/topics

3. 20 free lifetime membership spots will be awarded to intentionally overlooked/intentionally marginalized folx in the web3 space.

4. Small group mastermind pods will be formed, & education series & social schedules will start to solidify.

5. When all 111 spots are claimed, all new members moving forward will receive access through a monthly/yearly subscription model. 

phase 2

1. Non-Profit Formation

The Calibration Room will form a non-profit organization geared toward helping underrepresented folx gain access to continuing education, community, and other resources to help them either onboard into Web3, or further their knowledge and career path in Web3.

Founding members will have the first opportunity to become board members.

2. Additional Rewards for Founding Members

Calibration Room will start to develop infrastructures, systems, assets & other intellectual property to improve the community experience within this project; and some of these assets will then be packaged to sell to other projects, companies, and platforms. Founding members will have the opportunity to receive rewards & perks from these sales.

Once you are a founding member, you will receive more details on this as well as help drive future projects. 

Hand in Hand, We Lead.

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